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Joe Jermano
Joe Jermano


In the dark illuminating magic glowing of nights grace 

bitter winds are sweetly grasping binding me to this wicked place

no light to guide me homeward the only sound a still horizon 

no land just open water a course to sail but not rely on


Puppeteer strings are dangling low now 

become entangled around my arms

sails can relinquish their sense of direction 

show me the way to nowhere 


Spanning the dimly lit path of existence Stumbling over life's tragic place

Surrounded by colorless faces Gravity pulls as I fall in disgrace 

Binding me to this unbearable moment Fighting an endless sea of red tape 

Knowing this night will have no ending Knowing too well there's no escape 


get on

in to the neverafter 

dream on

upon a brand new day

right on

in to a new existence

sail on

take me away

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