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Joe Jermano
Joe Jermano


When I first met Billy as a younger man 

I was a little bit out of my head. 

He said let's go down to the beach today and 

bring along uncle SID. 

We can walk along the shore, take a bite of lime 

and watch the sky turn red 

but the sky turned black and the clouds would make 

dead faces appear instead


Oh Billy, 

what did you do to me? 

Oh Billy, we are out of our minds on those crazy nights on tequila and LSD


Billy called me up on a Friday night 

his ship had just sailed on in 

we took a couple tabs of this and that 

and opened up a bottle of gin 

in a crowded bar with the bass turned up 

laser lights were hurting my head 

everything just began to melt away 

and I thought that I'd soon be dead.


As I grew to know Billy as an older man 

he could never really get enough 

we'd race around the woods in his pick up truck 

gassed up on some of that stuff 

when the moon came up we were higher than hell 

but he never did see the light 

and I never saw my good friend Billy again 

but I never will forget that night.

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