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Dreaming in Color

by Joe Jermano

Released 2017
Onamrej Records
Released 2017
Onamrej Records
Rock music that sits on fringe of classic and progressive with a smattering of new and old world instruments and clever harmonies.
Dreaming In Color is the fourth release from Joe Jermano.
Dreaming In Color is a collection of rock songs that sit somewhere on the fringe of progressive and classic rock.
Elements of classic guitar, bss and drums are blended with a smattering of old sampled and modeled instruments and new synthesized instruments. The sonic palette of this collection weaves a powerful support for the lyrics that emit a personal message pooled together in strong melody and harmony. Picking out the influences in the seven tracks of Dreaming In Color may suprise you and may leave you thinking where did he steal that from? But not to worry, Dreaming is steeped in original thought and careful condensing of many hours of work that happened in the wee witching hours of the night.
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