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Dreaming in Color

by Joe Jermano

Released 2017
Onamrej Records
Released 2017
Onamrej Records
Rock music that sits on fringe of classic and progressive with a smattering of new and old world instruments and clever harmonies.
Dreaming In Color is the fourth release from Joe Jermano.
Dreaming In Color is a collection of rock songs that sit somewhere on the fringe of progressive and classic rock.
Elements of classic guitar, bss and drums are blended with a smattering of old sampled and modeled instruments and new synthesized instruments. The sonic palette of this collection weaves a powerful support for the lyrics that emit a personal message pooled together in strong melody …
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My Every Move

by Joe Jermano

Released 07/04/2016
Onamrej Records
Released 07/04/2016
Onamrej Records
Jermano’s sound and style draw inspiration from both classic rock and jazz while reflecting a unique, often mystical quality. His work is intensely personal, imaginative, and compelling, reflecting themes of love and loss.
  • 03:49 Lyrics Sails

    In the dark illuminating magic glowing of nights grace 

    bitter winds are sweetly grasping binding me to this wicked place

    no light to guide me homeward the only sound a still horizon 

    no land just open water a course to sail but not rely on


    Puppeteer strings are dangling low now 

    become entangled around my arms

    sails can relinquish their sense of direction 

    show me the way to nowhere 


    Spanning the dimly lit path of existence Stumbling over life's tragic place

    Surrounded by colorless faces Gravity pulls as I fall in disgrace 

    Binding me to this unbearable moment Fighting an endless sea of red tape 

    Knowing this night will have no ending Knowing too well there's no escape 


    get on

    in to the neverafter 

    dream on

    upon a brand new day

    right on

    in to a new existence

    sail on

    take me away

  • 04:01 Lyrics Whispers In The Wind

    I would listen to the whispers in the wind

    In the lonely hours they tell me

    What could've been

    I would find myself from lost

    Rise above the standing box

    Drown the loss, erase the cost

    And from the pulpit I will shine


    I would fix the holes that I fell in

    If I just knew where they could have been

    I would find myself in line

    Pleading salvation to my bottle shrine

    Paths to make

    Flags to drape


    I would listen to the whispers in my ear

    I the lonely hours they tell me

    What I need to hear 

    I would make myself unseen

    And drift away like silver streams

    Take the hits and throw my fits

    From my high horse I will shine


    There are choices that we have to make

    Roads to break

    Rocks to pave

    There are puzzles we must piece together 

    Words to make

    Flags to drape


  • 03:23 Lyrics Buzzard Vs Man

    You see them circling in the sky of the afternoon

    awaiting a chance at a meal and soon it will be you 

    And when the time is right they drop down from the sky 

    too tired and weak to fight they're pecking out your eyes.


    Buzzard versus man amounts to stealing from the dead 

    you don't stand a chance against the birds that must get fed.


    When the prophecy leaks and they circle you in the heat 

    dividing the portions depends how fast can you eat 

    they’re cracking the windows out and breaking down the doors 

    they're coming to you to again to claim what once was yours


    They'll take what's left of you take it all away 

    and when the bones are clean they'll turn on each other to pray

    Buzzard versus man amounts to stealing from the dead 

    you don't stand a chance against the birds that must get fed.

  • 03:57 Drive
  • 03:21 Lyrics Invasion


    You force your way in to my home


    To occupy and call your own


    Why can't you leave us alone?

    we won't allow you to get near us

    If you cross over in to our home

    I will become your nightmare



    You forced my hand so now you die


    Now your crawling to save your life


    I took your legs so you can't hide

    I know that all friends are watching

    You're the vermin squeezing through the cracks

    chewing holes in my security


  • 03:20 Lyrics Billy

    When I first met Billy as a younger man 

    I was a little bit out of my head. 

    He said let's go down to the beach today and 

    bring along uncle SID. 

    We can walk along the shore, take a bite of lime 

    and watch the sky turn red 

    but the sky turned black and the clouds would make 

    dead faces appear instead


    Oh Billy, 

    what did you do to me? 

    Oh Billy, we are out of our minds on those crazy nights on tequila and LSD


    Billy called me up on a Friday night 

    his ship had just sailed on in 

    we took a couple tabs of this and that 

    and opened up a bottle of gin 

    in a crowded bar with the bass turned up 

    laser lights were hurting my head 

    everything just began to melt away 

    and I thought that I'd soon be dead.


    As I grew to know Billy as an older man 

    he could never really get enough 

    we'd race around the woods in his pick up truck 

    gassed up on some of that stuff 

    when the moon came up we were higher than hell 

    but he never did see the light 

    and I never saw my good friend Billy again 

    but I never will forget that night.

  • 03:11 My Every Move

The People Inside

by Joe Jermano

Released 04/01/2016
Onamrej Records
Released 04/01/2016
Onamrej Records
The second release from Joe J.

All Seems Quiet

by Joe Jermano

Released 2014
Onamrej Records
Released 2014
Onamrej Records

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