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Blog 1, Blog 1. Ain't this a lot of fun.


So this is the big moment! The launch of

Many thanks go out to friends and family for all the support, encouragement and various niceties.

First and foremost my wife and my daughter, without them I'd still be lost in a haze.

Big thanks to Chuck Alkazian and Josh Karpowitz at Pearl Sound Studios who not only believed in me but who have also have been pushing me for the last couple of years to put forth my absolute best and launch my career as a songwriter way beyond a mere hobby and in to the "holy crap, this guy is for real" zone. Thanks to the newest members of the team, Mr. Matt Ulanoff for getting excited about my music by launching a promo campaign way beyond my feeble attempts and also to Bethany Young for creating a kick-a-bootie bio for me so I don't have to suffer writing my own (mine would most likely, suck). I'd also like to personally thank all the musicians who have been involved in helping me along the way in the last couple years to not only contribute their time and energy in to my projects but to also inspire me to deliver my very best. In no particular order: Steve Joslin, Woody Crawford, Jason Hartless, Paul Moore, Robert "Bobby" Myers, Jayme Orr, Heather Baker. Thanks to Alan Finkbeiner at Sweetwater for the great gear and expert purchasing advice. And a final thanks and farewell to my mom- Janet, dad- Dan and mother in law Dorothy who in their life time gave me relentless and untiring support and love for which I am forever grateful and humbled by their humanity.  

Hopefully the next time you check back with me, I will have my seven new songs released on my new EP "My Every Move" and available for purchase or download. 

Joe Jermano

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